Cat Murphy (chaoscat) wrote in asholiver,
Cat Murphy


Thanksgiving was pretty nice..

was a little late picking Ash up; lots of traffic-everyone trying to go to the restauraunts for thanksgiving lunch...

Picked Ash up-she was so happy to see me! Borrowed her little red chair, and packed her up with a couple toys (altho we really didnt need them) and off to Grandma's house we went..

She loved the car.. watched out the windows the whole way there, looking at all the Holiday lights on people's houses..

Got her to Grandma's and took her in the house, she was so happy to be carried all over the place, I held her in my lap and watched Scooby Doo with her-it wasn't teletubbies or Blues Clues, but she seemed happy :)

She's on so many different types of medication now.. on top of the Robinul, Tegratol, she's also on another type of anti-seizure med and pain killers for her hips..

She was wiggling her legs too, whenever I wiggled one, she'd laugh and wiggle it back :)

We propped her red chair up so she was level with the table, and she was able to interact with everyone at dinner, but she fell asleep half-way through, and continued dozing until it was almost time to get her back for her 4 o'clock nebulizer treatment.

I think she'll like her meow-chi I got her for yule.. and we're looking for remote-control toys with remotes that can fit in her hand.. something that she will associate with 'this button makes that go'

Grandma got her a little remote control train for her too :)

The only time she cried was when I dropped her off.. she was sooo upset that we had to go, but I also had to be in Centralia and two other places for dinner and she wouldn't have liked the trip..
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