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Getting the cast off

The cast came off without a problem. We went to Tacoma general with one of the new staff that is taking care of Ash today. Ash's skin is so bad after having that cast on she has such small frog legs now but she is already moving them. The whole time they were cutting the cast off Ash was find the only time she maid a noise was when she moved her leg for the first time she let out a little scream then went back to her quiet self.
The doctor left an order to have a brace made so we went to get the measurements for that and it should be ready in a few days. Ash slept the whole way there and back it was nice to see her sleep she has even gone whole nights without sleep I am going to keep up with that and see how she sleeps now and also go to her physical therapy appointment and see what the have to say about her legs. She is to wear the brace when she sleeps and to have a pillow between her legs during the day he just wants her to have the legs not crossed. I left her taking a bath she didn't seem to mind the water hitting her legs, but didn't enjoy it as much as I thought she would. Well I think I covered it all.
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