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My visit

I have been told that Ash isn't sleeping well. They don't know for sure what is causing it, but they think it might be her new roommate Josh. He has some equipment that is loud and makes the room worm so they belive that might be keeping her awake. She had been awake since midnight yesterday with about a one hour nap ending about the time I arrived at the Ashley House. She was upset like she has been since she got the cast on so I did a few things I knew she liked, but ended up carrying her for an hour or so to keep her happy that house is pretty small if you walk around it a few hundred times. So after a couple of hours I got her to fall asleep and the nurse came up and wispier to me "We took a vote and you get two gold stars for getting her to fall asleep" and put two gold stars on my shirt witch now reside on my computer screen. She ended up sleeping for a few hours I got to chat with Josh's family and Nicole while she was asleep and had a few minute to carry her around before I left.

WoHo Ash gets cast off Wednesday
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