Cat Murphy (chaoscat) wrote in asholiver,
Cat Murphy

Halloween and holidays..

Went to see Ash sunday.. she was kinda upset when I walked in the door - she had just woke up from a nap. She loves her arms being pulled up to a sitting position.. made me so proud when she lifted her head when I sat her up!! She's doing so good with that! :)

I sat and watched Blues Clues with her and Ryder for awhile, she was pretty involved in the show-but hanging on to my finger the whole time.. when I tried to move my hand she started to fuss.

The family wants to see her for Christmas, and Thanksgiving will be @ my mom's house. So I'll pick her up for that, and her grampa wants to see her for thanksgiving too, cause I guess he is going south for christmas this year.

Ashley house already has a costume for her for halloween.. I was thinking about making her 'ribbon fairy' for her, but she's still too small for it-its a size 3 costume. I'll make it for her next year - she should be big enough then :) They're taking her to the hands on museum here in Olympia-her nurse invited me to go along :)

Her cast will be off soon.. I'm sure she will be soooooo happy without it! Its still going to be a painful ride however, she's going to need some serious therapy for her legs as she hasnt been able to move them much for so long. Her incisions are all healed up, there's little scars there, but it doesnt look nearly as bad as her scar from the g-tube surgery did.

Talked to Bonnie today-she is the lady who runs 'Children with Special Health Care Needs' here in Oly. She is going to go see Ash this week, she hasnt seen her since last year. She's sending me some information on services Ash will be eligible for soon, and a list of things she feels Ash needs.

I'd still like to see Ash be able to use a joy-stick powered wheelchair. At the events I've seen another child who has one who is just like Ash. Definitely a device worth looking into for her!
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