Cat Murphy (chaoscat) wrote in asholiver,
Cat Murphy


I went to see Ash yesterday.. missed going last Sunday because of a medical issue :/

She was really happy to see me :) I picked her up and sat in the rocking chair with her, she was pretty upset when I got there.. took me a few minutes, but I was able to calm her down by rocking the chair.. which is new, I've always had a hard time calming her down.

She got really heavy after awhile, so I set her on her foam pad on the floor.. she didnt cry, just held onto my hand and made sure I watched Blues Clues with her heheh. Now I'm developing a liking for that show after being subjected to an hour of it..

She's doing so much better, I can't wait for the cast to be off-she'll be so much happier.. I'm glad she hasnt caught the nasty cold/flu thats going around; I'm doing my best not to get it cause if she got it, she'd be real upset :/
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