Mr. Apathetic (mrjoshua) wrote in asholiver,
Mr. Apathetic

My Saturday visit

Ash is doing good the cast isn't hurting her I was able bounce her and make her laugh she showed no sign of pain. Her cast has graffiti again the nurses are marking her. One of them drew a nice little bunny. I tried to get her logs to put some info on how she is medically doing, but the people on staff didn't know what they were so I have to talk to Dawn Monday she will know she knows every thing.
Ash has very distinct TV viewing habits when the cartoons she didn't like came on she started complaining and I started flipping channels. She calmed down until she realized that there was nothing good on so I had to put on a video. She was happy the entire time when it was over all I could find was MTV so two videos in she fell asleep to No Doubt. I will have more when I can get hold of her paperwork.
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